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This is NOT your high school health class! I don’t recall seeing Orgasm 101 in college! Come and find out what amazing things you can do to titillate the female body. Let’s end the fear and shame and celebrate female orgasm! It only gets better with age…

Presented by Dr. Tracy

LADIES: Learn how to increase the intensity of your orgasms or even new ways of seeing fireworks! Your lover will get a few new techniques too. But I will also provide tips for flying solo and for communicating your needs to your lover.

GENTLEMEN: Women’s bodies have amazing capacity for orgasm. Learn the latest research on female pleasure
& new ways to drive her wild. Take your skills to a whole new level! Why not become her hero all over

  • Multiple paths to intense female orgasm
  • Why she needs to orgasm first
  • Do’s and don’ts of clitoral stimulation
  • Why 70% of women don’t orgasm during intercourse
  • Helping your lover find every hot spot on your body
  • Tips for him and her
  • Fantasies, food and erotica
  • How to get her in bed more often
  • Creating an atmosphere for sex


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